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Ochs Law Firm in Casper, WY has 15 years of experience representing individuals in a variety of personal injury cases both big and small. With a nationwide reputation, we are in a prime position to  not only represent you, but to stay with you throughout the entire process of your claim.

Our determination to get you the outcome that you deserve is clear for all to see. We know that the personal injury you have received was not your fault, and so we fully believe that you are perfectly entitled to receive the due compensation. We treat every client equally no matter the complexity or size of the case at hand, and we can guarantee that we will fight your corner every step of the way.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Casper, WY

If you are of the opinion that a personal injury only refers to a car accident, then think again. Instead, it can involve any form of transportation where you have been injured when it was not your fault. However, in most instances, personal injury will often refer to a host of other incidents where the outcome was not a direct result of your own actions.

Furthermore, you may have been injured at your place of employment, or there could have been a safety oversight complete with reckless behavior by others. No matter what the cause may be, we can advise you on the best course of action to take.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Casper, WY

Regarding medical litigation, then it will prove to be in your best interest to consider using a specialist medical malpractice attorney. Even though medical devices and methods are tested and checked regularly, it is still the case that tens of thousands of patients are injured each year thanks to medical errors.

The concept of medical malpractice can incorporate anything from an error with a relatively small procedure through to an individual suffering from side effects of a procedure or medication that was not expected. No matter what the issue may be, you should still seek legal advice from an attorney who can advise you as to whether or not this is something that you should proceed with further.

Product Recall Lawyer in Casper, WY

Whenever a product hits the market, it is your right as the consumer to fully expect that the product is deemed to be fit for purpose. Sadly, this is not always true as a number of products do make it onto the shelves that are dangerous or faulty in some way. Of course, when that then leads to an injury, then you are well within your rights to seek compensation in some way.

Not only that, but you will also stand in good steed when a company has been deemed to be guilty of malpractice or fraudulently making claims about their product or service. If you do not get exactly what you paid for, then you should contact us here at Ochs Law Firm to see how we can help. Remember, you have consumer rights and you should always seek to employ them wherever possible.

Personal injury does, therefore, cover many more aspects than most individuals are aware. If you have been injured or have been on the receiving end of malpractice of some kind, then do not try to fight your corner on your own. Instead, contact us at Ochs Law Firm to see how we can help, and we promise to fight on your behalf throughout the entire process.