Wyoming Train Accident Lawyer

Railway crossing safety arms are down while a train passes through. If you’ve been injured in a train accident, contact us for a strong Wyoming train accident lawyer representative.

Every year in the U.S. over 1,000 people lose their lives in more than 3,000 accidents involving trains. Any incident involving a train can potentially be catastrophic due to the size of the engines and the speed they travel. If you are the victim of a train accident, you are entitled to fair compensation under the law for your damages. 

Train accident victims include:

  • Railroad Workers
  • Train Passengers
  • Drivers and Passengers of Other Vehicles
  • Pedestrians and Bystanders

To successfully operate a train many safety precautions must be taken. If a railroad neglects any of these fail safes, lives may be lost, and damages occur. The most common types of accidents are:

  • Railroad Crossing Accidents
  • Derailments
  • Collisions Between Two or More Trains
  • Collisions Between a Train and a Car

Many incidents are caused by faulty maintenance or improper use of equipment. If you believe your train accident was caused by a train that failed to sound its horn or lights when approaching a crossing, a defective signal or gate, a train parked unsafely at a crossing, an object thrown from or protruding from a train, or a crossing which was obstructed by overgrown vegetation contact our Wyoming train accident lawyer today to inquire about your case.

Train Accident Damages and Liability

When any of these events happen, the potential for catastrophic injury and damage exists. Train accidents can be complicated cases, usually requiring expert reconstruction of the accident and thorough knowledge of safety requirements associated with the safe operation of a railroad.  Most victims do not have this expertise and find it difficult to effectively state their case without a lawyer.

An experienced train accident lawyer will know how to gather the relevant facts and use them to determine where liability lies; whether it is the conductor, a mechanic, a railroad employee, or the owner of the train. This information can be used to recover damages you sustained when involved in your train accident.

Typical damages in a train accident case include:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Scarring and Disfigurement
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Lost Wages
  • Loss of Ability to Earn

If someone in your family lost their life in a train accident, you might be eligible to recover money for the cost of the funeral and for the emotional pain which accompanies the death of a loved one.

If the actions of the liable party were reckless or malicious, punitive damages could be awarded to punish this wrongful conduct.

The Law Limits How Long You Have to Make a Claim

Your claim may be subject to a limited time frame for reporting under the law. This is not uncommon with accidents involving trains or public entities. If you have been injured in an accident involving trains, contact a lawyer today to explore your options.

Contact an Experienced Wyoming Train Accident Lawyer 

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when you are the victim of a train accident. Retaining a lawyer is the best way to regain control of the situation and make things right. Contact a Wyoming train accident lawyer today, and put yourself on the path to recovery. We can assist clients wherever you are, from Wyoming to California.