Defective Medical Device Lawyer in Wyoming

EKG monitor in hospital. If you’ve sustained an injury due to a defective medical device in Wyoming, our team of experienced lawyers is ready to fight for you.

Medical devices are used to treat or prevent a number of illnesses and disorders. Sometimes these devices help restore functions of the body that may be lost due to aging or injury. Other times they are used to prevent potential problems, like blood clots traveling within the body or an irregular heart rhythm. Most times, these devices are well-tested, effective, and safe. But sometimes problems occur that either were not anticipated during testing or were minimized in an effort to promote the medication. Sometimes these problems are even more dangerous or debilitating than the problems they treat.

Common Defective Medical Device in Wyoming

Hip replacement devices by DePuy and other manufacturers have been found to release metal ions when the metal-on-metal parts of the joints rub and produce friction. These metal ions can cause damage to surrounding tissue, a fluid collection near the joint, redness and swelling, a loss of motion, and even neurological damage. These issues may mean that a revision surgery is needed. The surgeries are painful, expensive, and are associated with extensive recovery.

IVC filters are used to prevent blood clots from traveling throughout the body. These devices are implanted in the vena cava and catch any clots to prevent them from traveling to the heart or lungs, where they can cause damage. Temporary IVC filters, in particular, have been noted to cause problems. Potential problems include device embolization, fracture, filter perforation, or migration of the filter to a different location in the body. These problems can be dangerous and even deadly if not treated properly.

Other defective medical devices include pacemakers, pain or medication pumps, valve implants that may break, improperly sterilized implants which result in infection, and implants that affect and alter the immune system. 

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Although most medical devices are beneficial for their recipients, cases of dangerous medical devices are serious and should be handled aggressively. Individuals injured by these devices require representation from an experienced defective medical device lawyer. Contact the Ochs Law Firm today for a complimentary assessment.