Wyoming Catastrophic Injury Attorney

When catastrophic injuries occur, families can be left to deal with the devastating consequences. Our Wyoming personal injury lawyer can provide guidance  Catastrophic injuries are particularly severe injuries and may include:

  • Paralysis and spinal cord injuries.
  • Traumatic brain injury and other brain injuries that result in cognitive delays and the loss of hearing or sight.
  • Severe burns.
  • Dismemberment or severely broken bones.
  • Damage to internal organs.
  • Injuries requiring extensive or ongoing medical treatment.

When these severe injuries occur, lives must change. Some individuals will require long-term and even lifetime care for their injuries. Others may be able to care for themselves but may require extensive time off work or may need to work in a less taxing environment. These injuries likely require a long period of time to heal and can leave long-lasting effects even after maximum medical improvement is achieved. In these cases, our Wyoming injury attorney seeks additional compensation for future care and treatments that are expected to occur. Although we cannot predict the future, our personal injury lawyer can work closely with your physician and therapists to determine what treatments and care will likely be necessary.


Man touches head as he sits in a wheelchair, sadly looking out a window. If you are suffering from catastrophic injuries, contact our Wyoming personal injury lawyer.


In addition to expanded medical compensation, you will likely suffer more as a result of your injuries. Your physical pain will be greater, and you will likely suffer ongoing physical implications due to your injuries. It can be difficult to attach a dollar sign to activities that you may not be able to take part in, such as running in the park with your child or driving a car. In these cases, our Wyoming personal injury lawyer works hard to pursue exceptional compensation packages to help you and your family recover as much as possible.

Although the scars from your catastrophic injury may fade in time, our Wyoming injury attorney realizes the damages may last a lifetime. Our team at the Ochs Law Firm will fight aggressively to pursue recovery for all your losses.