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Ochs Law Firm is proud to represent clients in personal injury cases in Wyoming and all across the nation. We litigate transportation accidents including car, motorcycle, bus, train, truck, and more. Contact us today if you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Wyoming you can trust.

Great Results Nationally

From New York to California, and everything in between, we have been
there representing thousands against some of the very biggest companies
across the nation. We are David vs. Goliath; we are intimidated by no one.

Wyoming Attorney Jason Ochs Over 50 Million

recovered in single
nation-wide multi-district litigation.

Wyoming Attorney Jason Ochs 39 Million

recovered for defective product causing blindness in consumers.

Wyoming Attorney Jason Ochs 4-75 Million

recovered in medical malpractice birth injury.

Wyoming Attorney Jason Ochs 6 Million

recovered in medical malpractice brain injury.

Wyoming Attorney Jason Ochs 3-5 Million

recovered for imaging misread that lead to facial palsy.

Class Actions

Representing dentists across the nation against Nobel Biocare for defective dental implant

Representing patrons against Extended Stay Hotel for improper check-in / check-out procedures

Representing American Workers in Kuwait on Wage / Loss Employment Class Action

Wyoming Defective product attorney

When you feel that you have been taken advantage of, you need a product liability lawyer that you can trust. Ochs Law Firm has more than 15 years of experience litigating product recall and defective product cases in Wyoming, Colorado, California, and Kansas. We take special care with every client that we serve to ensure that you get the settlement that you deserve.

Few things can turn your life upside down as quickly as an injury caused by an accident. The emotional and financial drain is enough to leave you and your family feeling lost and hopeless with incredible stress and concern for your future. 

If you have been injured in an accident, a Wyoming personal injury attorney can help. We can decide on the right path to justice and compensation for injuries caused by negligence, poor construction or design, and other preventable conditions.

The Value of Quality Representation

Injuries can be devastating, whether they were suffered at the hands of a negligent driver or are the result of a truck or train accident, defective product, or some other cause. Trying to navigate the legal system without help is overwhelming at times. You need a Wyoming personal injury attorney who understands what you are going through and can help put your life back together.

After an accident, it is normal to be worried about things like paying your medical bills, making up lost wages, and moving on from a traumatic experience. We can help. We will use our experience to create a strategy for your case that makes sense given the facts and your goals. We will investigate with enthusiasm and pursue your claim with every resource available.

You will be free to recover both physically and mentally while we prepare your case and drive toward a successful outcome. Once you are represented by a reputable Wyoming personal injury attorney your situation won’t seem as complicated and your stress level will drop.

As our client, you will not have to spend time and energy arguing with insurance companies, healthcare providers, product manufacturers, the courts, or other involved parties. We do it for you so you can relax. And, you will have peace of mind knowing your interests are being represented by experienced professionals with your best interests at heart.

Many types of cases have strict time frames which must be kept in order to receive the monetary compensation you deserve. If you have suffered an injury, there is no time for delay. Contact us today to discuss your case and begin restoring your life.

Once we agree to represent you, we treat your case as if it were our own. Ochs Law Firm treats each and every client with personal and professional courtesy. You can expect us to:

Thoroughly research every detail of your case.

Devise a strategy and plan of action for litigation.

Provide professional advice on possible outcomes.

Stand by your side until justice is served.

Practice Areas

The Ochs Law Firm embodies experience and dedication to their clients
in areas that encompass everything from the simple to the exceedingly complex.

These are a few of the most common damages resulting from accidents:

  • Wrongful Death
  • Serious Injury
  • Extensive Medical Bills
  • Permanent Physical Damage
  • Emotional Damage
  • Unexpected Commuting Expenses
  • Attorney’s Fees

If you are suffering from one or more of these conditions because you were in an accident, or were the victim of a product with poor design or bad manufacturing, contact us today and let us evaluate your situation.

Co-Counsel Relationships

The Ochs Law Firm has co-counseled with some of the very best plaintiffs' law firms in the country, from New York City to Los Angeles to Chicago to Seattle. We take pride in our professional relationships and we value the work we do with others both locally and nationally. The attorneys at the Ochs Law Firm would be happy to talk with you about co-counsel and/or local counsel if your firm is in need of either.

What our clients are saying

"Jason Ochs changed my life. He and his firm were able to secure money for me that will ensure I can take care of my family and my medical bills for the rest of my life. Mr. Ochs showed me great compassion and kept me grounded throughout the case. I give him my highest recommendation."
Stephanie W.
Former Client
"No one in Wyoming knew what to do with my case. Then I called the Ochs Law firm. They were the only firm I talked to that was aware of the product recall, they had similar cases and re-assured me that my case was important. They filed my case and it resolved less than twelve months later. I was so very appreciative."
Jonathan H.
Former Client

Injuries and Compensation

If you were injured in an accident, don’t accept that you cannot be compensated for your injuries due to claims of insufficient insurance or questionable fault. Let a professional aggressively investigate your accident and fight for your right to compensation for damages. Our team will leave no stone unturned in our quest for a fair resolution to make you whole again.

We know you want a number to shoot for but because most cases have so many moving parts, compensation is very difficult to estimate without a Wyoming personal injury attorney conducting a thorough investigation and assessing the key components of the case. The extent of your injuries depends on the unique circumstances of your accident and other factors such as negligence, liability, injury severity, and property damage.

Once we are able to fully evaluate your case, we will give you our honest opinion of your probability for success and potential for compensation. We will always strive to secure as much compensation for your injuries as is allowable under the law.

Specialty Areas of Practice

Personal Injury Cases

Most people think that personal injury cases only refer to automobile accidents which produce injuries. While those types of cases are common, personal injury includes any case where a person received injuries due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence. Some of the more common personal injury cases include:

  • Dog Bites
  • Defamation
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Slip and Fall
  • Assault
  • Birth Injuries

At our practice, every potential personal injury case is evaluated by a Wyoming personal injury attorney to determine if any monetary damages can be recovered. In order to evaluate a potential personal injury case, it is helpful if the victim has evidence of negligence in some form.

Although some of the accidents on the personal injury list seem like minor incidents, each has the potential to produce impairment or major injury. When the cost of medical care and employment damages are factored in, fair compensation can reach a very high number.

More information about our approach to personal injury cases can be found here.

Defective Product Cases

As a consumer in the United States, you have a right to safe products. This means when you buy something and use it properly you have legal recourse to compensation if the product is defective and causes injury when you use it properly.

This also means companies that manufacture goods and stores that sell products have an obligation to make reasonable efforts to ensure their products are safe and labeled properly to prevent injuries. If you are injured by a defective product, a Wyoming defective product attorney can help you receive compensation for your damages.

Products can cause injuries for a variety of reasons, but usually the defect falls into one of three categories. If an error occurred in manufacturing or assembly, the problem is known as a manufacturing defect. If the problem was created before the product was ever manufactured, it is known as a design defect. And, if the product is improperly labeled or labeled in a way that leads to injury, the responsible party is liable for failing to warn the consumer of potential hazards (or failure to warn).

An experienced Wyoming defective product attorney understands the different types of defects and can attribute liability to the responsible party. 

More information about our approach to defective product cases can be found here.

Accountability, Liability, and Negligence

When you are injured through no fault of your own in an accident, deciding who is accountable for your injuries can be complicated. Many factors play a role in ultimately deciding who is responsible for your damages. Different parties may be held accountable, including individuals or corporate entities, depending on their role in the accident.

Liability is the assignment of responsibility for damages to the at-fault party involved in the accident. Once the liable party is identified, it will be responsible for damages incurred as a result of the accident. Proving liability can be complicated and is best left in the hands of an experienced and skilled Wyoming personal injury attorney. Often, proving liability is dependent on establishing negligence.

Many times, establishing the at-fault party is not enough. Negligence must also play a role to warrant compensation for injuries. For an act to be negligent, a person must act outside the scope of reasonable care to prevent injuries to others. Consulting with a qualified attorney will reveal what types of documentation and evidence is best to prove negligence. 

Special, General, and Punitive Damages

In Wyoming, damages normally take three forms; special (economic) damages, general (non-economic) damages, and punitive damages. Compensation can include special, general, punitive, or any combination of the three types of damages.

Special Damages

These economic damages are the actual monetary cost of the accident. As such they are easy to quantify. Things like medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle repair fall into this category.

General Damages

Non-economic damages are more difficult to quantify but are equally important to the victim of an accident. Items such as emotional anguish and pain and suffering fall into this category. Many general damages are determined using factors such as the extent of the injury, any disability or disfigurement caused by the accident, any impairment, any aggravation of pre-existing conditions, and the amount of economic loss suffered.

Punitive Damages

Occasionally someone who is liable for an accident has behaved in an especially reckless or careless manner. In these cases, punitive damages may be awarded as punishment.  The amount is usually a multiple of the compensatory damages awarded.

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Being the victim of an accident can change your life in the blink of an eye. If you are fortunate enough to survive you may be left with painful injuries which take months or years to heal. And, even then there is no guarantee you will make a complete recovery.

This can lead to astronomical medical expenses and a drastic reduction in your ability to earn money or even be employed. Many victims feel an emotional and mental strain in addition to their physical injuries which can erode their quality of life. It’s understandable. The stress of having your life turned upside down with no light at the end of the tunnel is enough to weaken even the strongest among us.

There can be a solution; an end game which restores your life and enables you to recover from your injuries with dignity. It all starts by contacting an experienced Wyoming personal injury attorney to evaluate your case.

Reach out to a professional member of the legal community for help. You will gain an advocate, an ally, and a shoulder to lean on. Contact us today. We are here to help, and we are ready to win.

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