Wyoming Product Liability & Recall Lawyer

Consumers have the right to expect products to be safe to purchase and use. When a product is defective it has the potential to cause injury and those who sustain damages can be entitled to compensation.

Not every automobile that rolls off the assembly line is perfect. And, not all are safe. This is why so many recalls have happened in recent years. Not all factory defects result in recalls.  Sometimes manufacturers know about the defect but do not choose to pay for a recall, taking their chances on litigation instead. Other times, the manufacturer does not yet know about the problem and only becomes aware when someone is injured, or even killed, by the defective product.

If you or a loved one was injured by a defective auto product you deserve the best representation possible to help you recover your losses.

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Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people out there willing to commit fraud against consumers. Sometimes this fraud takes the form of bait and switch practices and other times it is false advertising. Regardless of the form, consumer fraud is wrong and you should be able to recover any losses you incur from its practice.

If you have been the victim of consumer fraud and have been unable to come to a satisfactory resolution, we would love to help you in your case.

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Millions of people rely on medical devices to either stay alive or to maintain a reasonable quality of life. Usually these devices perform their function well. Other times, design flaws or manufacturer negligence results in devices which can actually do more harm than good when used by an unsuspecting patient. 

Cases of defective medical devices are serious and should be handled aggressively to receive the best outcome possible. This is where we come in.

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Many people think food poisoning is merely inconvenient; resulting in diarrhea, vomiting, or nausea. In truth, it can be much more serious, leading to coma, organ damage, and even death.  Food borne illnesses are serious and they require an experienced attorney to discover who is liable for the illness and how to recover any damages.

Fortunately, our experienced food borne illness attorney is up to the task of determining the method of transmission and when exposure occurred. This can be significant in the pursuit of compensation for any damages which resulted from a food borne illness.

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Dangerous side effects often outweigh the benefits of certain pharmaceuticals approved for public use. When this happens, serious injuries can occur. Sometimes the manufacturer does not know about the side effects but other times the side effects were minimized or even omitted altogether.

You have a right to expect safe pharmaceuticals. If you are the victim of side effects resulting from pharmaceutical use you can be eligible to recover compensation.

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Sometimes products are rushed to market without adequate testing. When this happens and the product is defective it can cause injuries to consumers. These product defects cause substantial damages and often are the direct result of negligence. As such, you can receive compensation if a defective product injures you.

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