Auto Product Liability/Defects

Auto product liability and defect cases are abundant, due in part to the massive number of recent recalls. The Takata airbag recall, for example, affects millions of vehicles and has resulted in numerous lawsuits alleging death. As consumers, we trust that automobile manufacturers provide safe, well-tested vehicles. We compare crash test ratings and safety standards before we purchase, and often pay a premium to buy vehicles that are considered safer. When we find that defects have been found that present a real danger to passengers in our vehicles, we seek to have those defects repaired immediately. But what happens when you or a loved one sustain injuries or even loss of life due to a defective automobile?

At the Ochs Law Firm, we believe that when these accidents occur, manufacturers must be held accountable. In some cases, we can prove that manufacturers knew or should have known about the problem and failed to take action. In other cases, we can seek action against a parts manufacturer, such as Takata, if they are found liable. At the Ochs Law Firm, we believe in holding manufacturers accountable when their defective products cause injuries.

Manufacturers often employ a cost-benefits analysis when determining whether or not to pursue a recall. In essence, they weigh the cost of the recall against how many injuries it may prevent. We believe that even one injury or loss of life is too many, and we seek to hold manufacturers responsible when they fail to take action in the case of defective products. With hundreds of millions of automobiles on the road, it is a challenge to keep up with recalls and defective products. Although consumers should be notified when a recall begins, this often does not occur if the vehicle was purchased used. We urge all consumers to keep abreast to potential automobile recalls. If you believe you were injured due to a defective product, contact the Ochs Law Firm right away for representation.