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Wyoming Health Watch Week-In-Review 10/14/19: Vaping Devices Fires and Teton County Epidemic

Vaping Devices Causing Fires in Airports and Airport Security
The FAA is struggling trying to figure out what procedures and policies to adopt in order to curb the recent fires that have been ignited not only in airport security lines, but also on planes, by e-cigarette devices. Images online are harrowing and the concern is fast growing amongst passengers and pilots alike. Read more here.

Johnson & Johnson Tagged for $8 billion punitive verdict.
A jury in Philadelphia last week awarded $8 billion in punitive damages for Johnson and Johnson’s antipsychotic drug Risperadal. The Plaintiff showed evidence that demonstrated Johnson and Johnson was aware of the risk of males growing female breasts on the drug yet chose to market the drug without warnings, and further pushed the drug hard among adolescent boys. Read more here.

Johnson & Johnson’s last 12 months is record breaking.
J&J has fast earned one of the top spots on verdict hits ever, having had a remarkably dismal 2019 in the courtroom. The company was hit late last year with a $4 billion verdict in a talculm powder ovarian cancer case, then in April of this year, an Oklahoma judge ordered J&J to pay $572 million for their role in the Oklahoma opioid epidemic, and then just this last week, J&J was ordered to pay another $8 billion for their Risperadal drug. Also, less than a month ago, they agreed to pay $20 million to two Ohio counties so they could avoid the first civil trial concerning the opioid epidemic.

Teton County Wyoming Struggling with High School Vaping Epidemic
As reported in the Jackson Hole News and Guide, the public high school in Teton County is being inundated with vaping devices, vaping students and vaping suspensions. Read the article here. Teton County joins a long list of public schools across the country trying to figure out how to deal with this fast-growing epidemic impacting every day education.

Open a Juul Starter Kit With Me.
We opened a Juul Starter kit so we could see what middle schoolers and high schoolers see when they open their first kit. We learned far more than we thought we would. If you have a child at or near vaping exposure age, listen to our podcast here. Our video will be posted soon.

For Those Recently Diagnosed with Stomach Cancer, Colorectal Cancer or Liver Cancer, who have or currently continue to take the blood pressure medication Valsartan, look out for my podcast on this issue next week. You will learn a lot.

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