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Wyoming Health Watch Week-In-Review 10/21/19: JUUL Vape Pods Withdrawal & Round Up Weed Killer Awareness

J&J Has Been Denying Their Talculm Powder Contains Asbestos for Years.
On Friday, the US FDA recalled lot #22318RB, involving 33,000 bottles of J&J talculm powder due to asbestos contamination. J&J downplayed the discovery, but suddenly lawyers representing women in the ovarian cancer litigation have additional evidence calling J&J’s credibility into significant question. Read more here.

Juul Announces Withdrawal of Flavored Vape Pods
Juul’s announcement comes on the heels of FDA pressure and lawsuits mounting in federal court against the e-cig giant for their alleged marketing to minors, that lawyers argue have resulted in an epidemic in school districts across the country. We opened a Juul vape starter kit so we could see what kids saw, and one of the pods was peppermint, which smelled identical to those peppermint mints you often see as you leave a restaurant. The smell was not in the least suspicious, and quite refreshing (nothing like the “tobacco-smelling” pod). Learn more by listening to our informative podcast here.

Popular HeartBurn Medication Found to Have Cancer Causing Contaminant
Last week we did a podcast on Valsartan, a popular heartburn medication found to have NDMA, a designated “probable carcinogen” by the EPA. Science has since linked the exposure of NDMA to stomach, colorectal and liver cancer. Now, Zantac, a hugely popular over the counter medication used by millions was recently discovered to have NDMA contamination. Listen to our podcast here to know what to do if you’ve recently taken Zantac (or are a regular user of it). And if you are, or have been, a Valsartan user, you’ll want to educate yourself with your podcast that can be accessed here.

Opioid Opening Statements Start Monday Amidst a Flurry of Settlement Talks
The largest civil trial in US history started jury selection last week and will begin opening statements as you are reading this on Monday. As the trial teams hunker down for battle, separate settlement teams on both sides of the aisle are tossing literally tens of billions back and forth in efforts to resolve the lawsuits surrounding the greatest health epidemic of our time.

Exxon Bench Trial Concerning Climate Change to Begin This Week
A flurry of motions were denied last week each of which were aimed at trying to kick the enormous trial that stands to hold Exxon responsible for false representations alleged to have been made to investors concerning the oil giants role in climate change. The trial will be closely watched, as stacks of climate change litigations wait in the wings for their day in court. Places like Wyoming, who rely heavily on the fossil fuel industry, need to pay close attention.

Wyoming Health Watch is urging Wyomingites to talk to their home owners associations, cities and governments to halt the use of Round up weed killer on schools, parks and outdoor recreation areas. Share our video below with those that can help stop the use of this dangerous product.

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