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Wyoming Health Watch Week-In-Review 11/11/19: Infant Sleepers Reported to Cause Asphyxiation

I want to apologize in advance for the sad and depressive nature of this week’s Week in Review. As I embarked to provide valuable information to those across the state and the Rocky Mountain Region this week, I found myself utterly conflicted and saddened by the news that related directly to infants and older children. I do not mean to start your Monday off poorly, but if this information can save just one young child, then it is worth it. Please help us help those who can prevent a catastrophe. I thank you, truly, for your consideration and willingness to share the below and perhaps, even save a life.

~ Jason Ochs

Infant Sleepers Reported to Cause Asphyxiation. 73 Deaths Reported, nearly doubling over past six months.
Infant sleepers, which have been scrutinized for causing infant asphyxiation, have come under fire with reported deaths having reached 73. In April of this year, 40 infant deaths had been reported, and since such time the number has nearly doubled. With the ease of use and simple travel design, these sleepers are frequently used. What’s with the design that’s causing problems and what authorities, if any, have found these products to be dangerous? We dig deep into this reported dangerous product. Please share this informative podcast with new mothers, new fathers and anyone else routinely taking care of babies and help us prevent the next catastrophe: https://lnkd.in/eDer_eA

IKEA Still Selling Dressers That Have Smashed and Killed Small Children.
Less than 24 hours after posting about infant sleeper cribs causing asphyxiation in newborns the USA Today reported on IKEA dressers that are smashing and killing small children, yet still being sold. The danger stems from a faulty design that causes the furniture to tumble over on top of a small child. If our government will not stop this, our only hope is the private legal sector. Help us spread the word and protect the next child: https://lnkd.in/g5pyyFf

Suicide Hits Second Highest Cause of Death for 10-24 Years Olds.
In a grim and quite depressing report issued by the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), suicide was noted as the second cause of death for individuals 10-24 years old, with a sharp increase in male suicide. When I was growing up, suicide for those under 18 was unheard of. Why are we seeing suicide in the younger generation, and why are these children losing all hope? Join the conversation at our forthcoming podcast which struggles to find an answer to this harrowing statistic. Learn more on future podcasts.

We had a great conversation this past Sunday morning with a great group of individuals discussing the future economic health of the great state of Wyoming. The issue of climate crisis litigation came up, and the response was grim. We are the only ones talking about this issue and bringing it to the attention to many states across the country. Regardless of your politics, this issue is coming to a head and Wyoming (and other fossil-fuel reliant states) need to be informed and stay ahead of the curve. If you haven’t listened to our podcast, get up to speed, and share it with those that care about the future of Wyoming, and other similar states. We can make a difference if we put our heads together. Listen to the podcast here.

Listen to our climate crisis litigation podcast here.

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