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Wyoming Health Watch Week-In-Review 11/18/19: Exploding Pam Cooking Spray & Baby Powder Notice

This week’s health watch highlights kitchen explosions involving the popular PAM cooking spray, hot-topic political issues that will be decided by juries long before our politicians do anything, and the dangerous rate of extreme injuries developing in young adults who are vaping.  We also produced a new Health Watch video for anyone still using Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder.  Thank you for reading and please share with anyone who might be able to help us prevent a catastrophe.  
~ Jason Ochs

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ConAgra Pam Cooking Spray bottles alleged to have increase risk of explosion.
Lawsuits have been filed across the country against ConAgra alleging that certain PAM cooking sprays are designed in such a way that increases the likelihood of explosions.  Lawsuits allege and detail horrific burns suffered by consumers near an exploding bottle, while cooking.  To date the bottles implicated are the 10 oz bottles commonly found at Costco and other large retailers.  We did a deep dive on this concerning development.  Share our podcast with any mothers and fathers who routinely cook using this spray:  https://bit.ly/2CJBnl4

Juries, Rather than Your Vote, Will Control Major Political Issues Over the Next Year.
As the 2020 election ramps up, we believe the major issues of today such as climate change, gun control and public health will be largely controlled by juries, as opposed to politicians. Major lawsuits in each of these polarizing topics are steam rolling through the court systems, and we detail how this will impact Wyoming and other states in our one-of-a-kind podcast. Join the conversation by informing yourself of the latest developments and help Wyoming stay ahead of the curve.  Listen and share here:  https://bit.ly/2CNGQap

16-year-old and Former Athlete Undergoes Double-Lung Transplant after Suffering EVALI.
EVALI is the newest of lung conditions, an acronym that stands for “E-cigarette VAping Lung Injury” a condition that has been seen in every state except Alaska, according to the CDC. Just last week, Hunter Memorial Hospital in Detroit reported that a 16-year-old who was admitted and nearly dead from the destruction vaping did to his lungs , underwent an emergency double-lung transplant.  The young man’s doctor was quoted as stating he would have “certainly died” but for the transplant.  The young man was lucky that he lived somewhere capable of performing a double-lung transplant.  What are kids in Wyoming to do, as this epidemic continues to spread through our schools like wildfire?  Learn about EVALI here, and share our podcast with any mothers and fathers whose children are at or near the vaping exposure age (12 and up):  https://bit.ly/2KozSNa

We did a public health announcement regarding the recent recall of more than 30,000 bottles of talcum powder that stemmed from the FDA’s random sampling. The FDA announcement follows Johnson & Johnson’s denials, for years, that their talcum powder contains any contamination of asbestos whatsoever.  Some juries have believed otherwise and the litigation against J&J and their talcum powder is soon coming to a head in 2020 as a number of federal trials have been set.  Please share our public health video below with anyone you know still using the powder.  Thank you.  

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