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Wyoming Health Watch Week-In-Review 10/28/19: Does Talcum Powder Really Cause Cancer and if so, Is there a Safer Alternative?

Does Talculm Powder Really Cause Cancer and if so, Is there a Safer Alternative?
On Sunday I sat down with Chris Tisi, a good friend of mine and a lawyer who has been at the forefront of major product liability litigations his entire career. Knowing he has been a member of the science committee for the Talcum powder federal litigation I asked him what the science held behind the causal link, whether there were any safer alternatives and what, if anything, our US FDA has done with respect to the elevated risk of cancer. The interview was incredibly informative. You can listen and share the podcast here.

$48B Resolution with Five Defendants Averting the Largest Civil Trial is US History
On the eve of trial, the three largest distributors of opioid pharmaceuticals in the US, McKesson, Cardinal and AmerisourceBergen, together with Teva Pharmaceuticals and Johnson & Johnson resolved their role in the opioid crisis averting the largest US civil trial in US history. Lots of details remain for how the resolution will impact counties and cities across the country, but the good news is that the resolution acknowledges the Defendants role in the greatest health epidemic of our time. But perhaps even more intriguing, is how the counties and cities who asserted claims in this litigation against the “Big 5” will yield, when our Attorney General never even bothered to name any of the Big 5 in the state’s opioid filing. There, our AG only named Purdue Pharma, who was long ago identified by us to be the least solvent of the entire group. We were right, as Purdue Pharma declared bankruptcy in September. Our litigations representing counties and cities continue against more than 15 other defendants where additional monies will likely be recovered, while our Attorney General continues to stand on the sidelines.

School Districts Begin to take the Vaping Fight to Those Who Started It.
Vaping has spread throughout school districts all over the country, forcing schools to have to figure out how to stop this epidemic through added security, more security cameras, removing stall doors and lost productivity. Some schools, including the Olathe school district in Kansas City, are taking the fight to Juul, having filed a public nuisance lawsuit against Juul seeking to recover much needed monies to help combat this new and largely uncertain health epidemic. Newspaper articles in my home town of Jackson, and my former hometown of Casper, have both covered the frightening rise of vaping addiction in high school, middle school and even some elementary schools. See our informative podcast here.

New Jersey Federal Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss Johnson and Johnson Worker Lawsuit
Continuing our coverage of Johnson and Johnson, who we have awarded the honor of “worst company of 2019”, a Federal Judge in New Jersey denied a Motion to Dismiss a case brought by J&J workers who argue that their company’s stock, who employees reinvested in for their retirement, was overvalued because Johnson & Johnson failed to disclose asbestos in their talcum powder, saying the company could have simply “told the truth”. Certainly the FDA’s recall ten days ago of 30,000 bottles of J&J talcum powder for having detected asbestos contamination was a boost for the worker’s lawsuit.

We opened a Juul Vape Starter Kit so we could educate parents about what middle schoolers and high schoolers see when they open one of these kits. We learned a ton and far more than we thought.

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