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Wyoming Health Watch Week-In-Review 12/9/19: The History of Talcum Powder and Asbestos

As we head towards the New Year the litigations that are gaining steam and attention today will undoubtedly continue with the same force and effect as we enter into 2020. Today, there has never been more billionaires in the United States and just the same, we predict that the billion dollar verdict will become a thing of frequency in 2020.  Those litigations that we anticipate costing corporations billions in 2020 include the opioid litigation, vape and e-cig litigation, Johnson & Johnson and some of the largest fossil fuel giants including Exxon, BP and others.  We predict 2020 will be the year that begins a string of billion dollar verdicts.  Thanks for reading, and please continue to share the below with anyone you believe may be able to help us prevent even just one catastrophe.
~ Jason Ochs
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Schools Begin Looking at Opioid Manufacturers and Distributors for Payback
Schools across the country, saddled with children who have enormous learning disabilities and behavioral issues, are beginning to look towards opioid manufacturers and distributors for responsibility and monies to help with the tremendous costs being imposed on many school districts across the country.  Do not be surprised to see that once the current opioid litigation is over, that a second surfaces with schools seeking desperately needed monies to combat this problem that currently has very little end in sight.

The Fifty Year History of Talcum Powder and Asbestos
Having been involved in the talcum powder ovarian cancer litigation since 2016, and with several trials having occurred, we believed it was high time that the truth get out to consumers about the long and disturbing historical timeline between talcum powder and asbestos.  You may be surprised to learn that the timeline begins nearly fifty years ago. Listen and share our one-of-a-kind podcast that details the ugly history and you’ll be left upset, just as we do, wondering why we even bother having an FDA.  https://www.podserve.fm/episodes/5536/breaking-down-the-disturbing-talcum-powder-asbestos-timeline.mp3

PG&E Announces $10 Billion for California Fire Litigation
That may sound like good news, and it is to some extent, but as many a lawyer has heard “justice delayed is justice denied” which couldn’t ring more true in the ongoing California wildfire litigation.  Last week PG&E’s bankruptcy judge expressed deep concern that the payouts for the many victims who lost their homes, and in many cases, everything they owned, would take “more than a decade”.  An enormous amount of filings must be dealt with, marking it perhaps the biggest most complicated bankruptcy in US history.  No one knows when any victims will get paid, though it seems certain that it will not be for a very long time.

We want to thank many of you who have reached out to us concerning the current vaping epidemic ravaging schools from coast to coast, including here in Wyoming.  We did a podcast detailing the number of cigarettes that are packed into one single tiny vape pod in order to get the same nicotine hit.  Guess how many you think, and then listen to our podcast to see if you are correct.  Listen and share our podcast here:  https://www.podserve.fm/episodes/5465/can-you-guess-how-many-cigarettes-a-single-vape-pod-is-equal-to.mp3

With gizmos and gadgets continuing to develop daily to make it even easier to vape and conceal, vigilance in our school systems is ever so important.  We will continue to provide education and the latest on the vape epidemic.  For the most recent updates, visit our website wyominghealthwatch.com.  

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