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Wyoming Health Watch Week-In-Review 12/2/19: Life Expectancy & Opiod Update

As we enter the last month of 2019, a whole host of product liability litigations rest on the horizon that we believe will change the landscape of the country by this time next year.  These litigations will tackle climate change, gun control  and public health next year in a way that the US Justice system has never seen.  Regardless of your political position on such topics, these issues will be coming to a head.  We will keep you updated with all of it, right here.  In the meantime, we thank you for reading and we encourage you to share this week’s week-in-review with anyone who might be able to help us prevent a catastrophe.  (Listen to our podcast here detailing the hot-topic litigations that are sure to be the topic of discussion both politically and state-wide in 2020:  https://bit.ly/35Qhrti )  
~ Jason Ochs
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Life Expectancy for both Males and Females Fall For A Third Consecutive Year
This past week the Journal of the American Medical Association published a report finding that the life expectancy dropped in 2018, following two prior years where, for the first time since WWII, American’s life expectancy had fallen.  The drop went from 76.9 years to 76.6 years.  The previous two years, the drop had been attributed to the opioid crisis that had gripped the nation like never seen before.  But this year, the report found that opioids were not alone, but that diet and access to guns both played a contributing factor to the continual fall.  The grim news was juxtaposed with the fact that no other country in the world spends as much as we do per year, per person, on healthcare. Look for our in-depth podcast on this troubling development this later this week.
What’s the Latest with the Largest Civil Litigation in History?
Teed up for trial this past October was the first federal trial asserting responsibility against opioid manufacturers and distributors alike.  The case fully resolved the eve before trial, which was anticipated to be the most enormous US civil litigation ever in history.  The settlement only addressed the two counties included in the first trial, both of which were in Ohio.  So where does the litigation stand today and what’s next in store?  Find out by listening to our one-of-a kind podcast here, where you’ll get the most up to date information as this case continues full-steam ahead.  https://bit.ly/2Y2zERD
Physician Group Files Citizens Petition with the FDA Seeking Warning on Cheese Regarding Breast Cancer Mortality
In what flew completely under the radar last month and further garnered zero press or attention was the Citizens Petition submitted to the FDA by the 12,000-doctor strong Physicians Committee for Stronger Medicine.  The Petition cited to numerous studies linking the high-fat milk used to make dairy cheese and the high degree of estrogen included in the milk, and by extension the cheese.  A large study by the World Health Organization found a 53% increase in breast cancer in women who ate dairy cheese regularly.  The Petition was loaded with supporting studies, and has caused not only myself, but my entire family, to eliminate dairy cheese from our diets (which is not easy to do).  Listen and share this highly informative podcast that dissects the Citizens Petition.  We hope you find it as interesting as we did.  https://bit.ly/35RTO3g
My firm is proud to announce that we have launched an initiative to help stop sex trafficking in Wyoming.  After learning about how this heinous activity continues to invade our communities, including in Wyoming, we are bringing the fight directly to those that allow this abhorrent conduct to occur on their premises and elsewhere.  We will be sharing our podcast on this disturbing trend as we further dissect the data and statistics, that will undoubtedly leave you as troubled as we are.  Stay tuned.

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