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Wyoming Health Watch Week-In-Review 12/16/19: Opioids and the FDA’s Future

As the New Year approaches we continue to be at the ground level of many litigations that have yet to gain their full stride, but we anticipate they will do so in 2020.  We remain committed to bringing the People of Wyoming, and beyond, the critical safety and health information we learn as we litigate against some of the biggest companies and corporations in the country heading into 2020.  Please share this week’s Wyoming Health Watch with anyone you know that may be able to help us prevent even just one catastrophe.    
~ Jason Ochs
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Opioids Remain Gripping Our Country as Black Tar Heroin Is Cheaper than Marijuana
While the largest civil litigation in history continues to gain steam through the federal court system, black tar heroin is still cheaper than marijuana.  I was devastated this past week to learn that my second friend and colleague had lost his son from an opioid overdose.  Both friends’ sons were prescribed oxycontin after a routine shoulder and knee surgery, that thereafter gripped them until a much too early death.  The courageous father, Robert Palmer, is speaking about the death of his son, which occurred only a short while ago, to bring awareness to this continued epidemic.  Watch and share his heartfelt interview and learn about signs to look for; and if you know someone who is struggling with a family member who is addicted, share this with him/her and let them know they are not alone:  https://www.ozarksfirst.com/local-news/opening-up-about-opioid-abuse/?fbclid=IwAR0LjalJmPoAp9NFCab-s7Ake057N_g8i3rYrZTd6rPGds5FvhATvoOIu28

Are the FDA and EPA Positioned to Protect the American Consumer as We Enter 2020
We revisit two litigations of ours this past year and share how the future may be shaping up when it comes to the FDA’s and EPA’s charge to protect American consumers.  Are we in a good position as we enter 2020 or is personal vigilance more important than ever?  You decide.  Listen and share our one-of-a-kind podcast on this question here:  https://www.podserve.fm/episodes/5561/the-fda-and-epa-as-we-enter-2020-trust-and-no-trust.mp3

Do Today’s Bottles of J&J’s Talcum Powder Disclose Sufficient Warnings? In October the FDA recalled, for the first time, a single lot of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder which was discovered to have been contaminated with asbestos.  J&J complied with the recall, but later issued a press release that they had undertaken their own tests and no such asbestos was discovered.  We went to the store, purchased a bottle of J&J’s talc and examined the warnings.  Listen and share our podcast here and you decide whether their current warnings are sufficient for the US consumer:  https://www.podserve.fm/episodes/5466/sufficient-warnings-for-johnson-johnson-talcum-powder-you-decide.mp3

We are consulting with several experts across the country trying to better understand the recent links that have surfaced between certain cancers and fire retardant foam exposure.  In particular, military men and women and fire men and women have demonstrated an abnormally large increased risk of cancer which triggered the initial investigation.  We will continue to provide information on this worrying development as the science develops. 

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