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Prescription Drugs Tainted with Cancer-Causing Contaminants: Chinese Manufacturing

Such is the case in the broadening discovery of NDMA in a variety of pharmaceutical drugs, that hasn’t near received the attention it deserves.

NDMA is an industrial chemical known as n-nitrosidomethylamin (NDMA).  It’s presence should not be detected in any pharmaceutical drugs as the chemical is classified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a probable carcinogen.  The classification is significant, when compared to how the EPA has refused to label Round Up weed killer as a probable carcinogen, never mind three of three jury trials have returned astronomical verdicts finding that not only Round Up causes cancer, but that the company buried the information to protect the causal link from getting out.

Prior to this past summer, the US Food and Drug Administration and authorities in Europe issued recalls for the blood pressure medication valsartan over concerns due to the presence of NDMA having been detected.

On September 13th, the US Food and Drug Administration warned that the presence of n-Nitrosodithylamine (NDEA) was detected in three lots of Valsartan manufactured by Torrent Pharmaceuticals.

Both NDMA and NDEA are chemicals classified as nitrosamines, which are a group of organic compounds that occur as a result of high-temperature cooking, the manufacturer of latex and other industrial process – none of which should be discovered in pharmaceuticals.

And just recently, the discovery of NDMA has occurred in the over-the-counter (OTC) heartburn medication Zantac.  See the more here.

NDMA and NDEA are particularly harsh on the liver and kidneys.  Individuals and patients who have been on Valsartan for some time, and subsequently diagnosed wtih liver and/or kidney cancer, should strongly consider reaching informing themselves about possible litigation.  Cases have been filed across the country contending that the exposure to the NDMA, through prescribed use of Valsartan, caused their liver and/or kidney cancer.

Why do we continue to discover cancer causing chemicals in our pharmaceutical drugs?  And why hasn’t the FDA pulled out all stops to determine the root cause of this contamination, and issue strong guidance to prevent further contamination, such as in our OTC medications.

The overview of the FDA is disappointing, to say the least, and downright dangerous to American consumers.

Manufacturing in China should immediately be halted by American pharmaceutical  companies, and if it requires an Act of Congress, then they should immediately act.


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