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What Should I Do if Contacted by an Insurance Agency?

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After you’ve been in an accident, you’ll just want to concentrate on feeling better and processing the trauma of what happened. But within a few days or weeks, you might get a call from one of the other parties’ insurance agencies. No matter if the incident was your fault or theirs, the adjusters might try to get you to admit fault or agree that you are not injured. In this situation, it’s best to call your Cheyenne, Wyoming personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

The key when speaking to insurance adjusters is to say as little as possible initially. Anything you admit to them could be used against you, so you should minimize contact and tell them to wait until your attorney is present. The lawyer can then help you figure out how to best phrase things and what you should or shouldn’t say. That way, you don’t put your case at risk, and you can still claim the compensation you deserve.

What to Do if an Insurance Agency Calls You

There are several reasons why an insurance agency might call you after an accident, and it’s best to first find out why they are speaking to you and what they hope to achieve. Then, you can tell them the bare minimum and let them know that you are not open to further discussion at this time. The adjuster might use leading questions to try to trick you into saying something you don’t mean, so the less information you volunteer, the better.

Once the call has ended, you should find out more about hiring a personal injury attorney in Cheyenne, Wyoming and give Jason Edward Ochs a call. He and the team can help you deal with the situation and figure out what you should and shouldn’t mention if the adjuster calls again. Similarly, they can help you create a written statement that doesn’t impact your case in a negative way.

Find Out What it’s About

The first thing you should do is find out why the person is calling you. In most cases, the other party has contacted them to make a claim, and they want to find out more about the accident. Every insurance agency wants to pay as little as they can, so they might try to make it appear as if you were at fault and therefore responsible for compensating the other injured party.

Similarly, they will want to discover whether you were hurt in the incident, which could result in them having to pay damages. Again, they will attempt to get you to say you’re not very injured or that everything is okay because this will reduce your credibility later on, when you make a claim.

Give Out as Little Information as Possible 

The key to dealing with insurance agencies is to give them as little material to work with as possible. Don’t be tempted to defend yourself or explain in detail how bad the accident was. Remember that the adjuster likely has many years of experience dealing with situations like yours, and they might attempt to trick you into saying something you’ll later regret.

Even if you don’t feel much pain at the moment, you might still be full of adrenaline from the accident. Give yourself some time to figure out how bad your injuries are before making any statements you can’t take back later on. Over time, you might discover more serious physical or mental health concerns, and you want to have the option of making a claim at that time.

Get in Touch with a Lawyer 

When the insurance agent has hung up, you will need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Book an initial consultation with a professional who has experience with personal injury law and tell them what happened. You can also bring any evidence you already have and ask them about how to best deal with insurance adjusters who are hassling you.

They can confirm that you don’t need to speak to anyone on your own and support you the next time you have to deal with the insurance company. What’s more, your attorney will also figure out whether you have a valid claim to compensation, which could pay for your medical bills, the income you’ve lost as a result of the accident, and the emotional trauma you’re dealing with.

Do Not Admit Fault or Make a Written or Recorded Statement 

The worst you can do when hassled by insurance agents is to admit that the accident was partially or wholly your fault. Even if you believe this to be true, the situation could be more nuanced than this, and you don’t want to implicate yourself too soon.

What’s more, seemingly innocent statements can be construed in a way that makes you look guilty. Avoid making a written statement or letting them record you at all costs, and wait until your lawyer is present. Remember that adjusters are experienced in getting people to say things that make them sound guilty, even if they might not be.

Do Not Agree to Anything 

One final thing to avoid is agreeing to a settlement or signing something the agency gives you. Far from having your best interests at heart, they will attempt to get away with paying as little as you can. If the adjuster is offering you a settlement, they clearly believe that the person who is insured with them is guilty. The offer they make is most likely much too low, as they are trying to close the case quickly and at minimum cost.

Before you do anything else, show the settlement offer to your lawyer and let them decide whether it is a fair amount. They will let you know whether you could fight for your rights and receive more money.

Should I Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Cheyenne, Wyoming? 

It almost always makes sense to speak to a professional who has many years of experience in personal injury law. Unless your accident is very minimal and you don’t have long-lasting injuries, you’ll need to work with someone who can help you get the compensation you need to restart your life.

This is especially the case if you’re being contacted by insurance agencies, who will try to make you appear guilty, minimize the injuries you’ve suffered, or offer you a very low settlement. By working together with a lawyer, you can insist on your rights and avoid any problems, such as being held responsible for something you didn’t do.

Getting called by someone else’s insurance agency is unpleasant and scary, but you don’t have to tell them anything you don’t want to. In fact, you can let them know that you’d rather wait until your Cheyenne, Wyoming personal injury attorney is present, who can make sure you don’t fall for any tricks and accidentally say something you’ll regret later on. 

By speaking to a lawyer, you can find out who exactly was at fault and what your options are now. If your injuries are severe and the other person was at fault, you will be able to claim compensation for your suffering and the money you’ve spent on medical bills. This can allow you to move on and regain your quality of life. Call us now at Ochs Law Firm to book your initial consultation with Jason Edward Ochs.

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