Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit Lawyer

A common ingredient in numerous products is talcum powder. Plenty of companies use it, and you can even find talc in supplements. Unfortunately, some experts have found that talcum powder may increase the risk of ovarian cancer.

The American Cancer Society estimates that there are over 20,000 new cases a year. Some women who have used talcum powder are later diagnosed with the disease. The Ochs Law Firm has been representing clients for over 15 years. We can help victims seek compensation for ovarian cancer caused by talcum powder. The medical personal injury lawyers at the Ochs Law Firm are here to protect you during the most trying of times.

What is Talcum Powder?

Talcumpowder consists ofa substance called talc. Talc is a naturally occurring mineral that gets used in baby powder, makeup, and paint. It is found in rock deposits around the world, and manufacturers refine the mineral to turn it into a powder. The substance issoft, which gives cosmetic items a silky feel.

The powder is beneficial for absorbing moisture and reducing friction. As a result, it keeps the skin dry for those with oily skin. Talcum powder prevents rashes and can stop itches. It is easy to see why many companies decide to use it in their products.

Despite its benefits, talcum powder may have an impact on your health. This is where a medical personal injury lawyer comes into play.

Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer

There are talcum powder products that do not contain asbestos, a substance that has been linked to the development of cancer around the lungs. However, talc in its natural form may contain asbestos. Those who have long-term exposure may be at a higher risk of getting cancer.

One of the concerns surrounding talcum powder is the possibility of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer involves cancerous cells inside, near, or on the outer layer of the ovaries.The abnormal cells continue to grow and form tumors, which can place pressure on surrounding organs.

For older women, the disease is the fifth leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Experts suggest that talcum powder can increase a person’s risk of developing ovarian cancer. In the 1970s, scientists discovered a possible connection between the two.

Soon after, a study identified the link between talc and cancer. Since then, experts have conducted extensive research to determine the role talcum powder plays in an ovarian cancer diagnosis.

A case-control study in 2016 examined 2,041 cases of women with epithelial ovarian cancer and a control group of 2,100 women. The results found that genital use of talc led to an increased risk of ovarian cancer. The association was greater for premenopausalAfrican American women who had a hysterectomy. Women who used talc before getting a hysterectomy were found to have a higher chance of getting epithelial ovarian cancer.

There have been a couple of studies that suggest talcum powder does not lead to ovarian cancer. However, plenty of research indicates talcum powder containing asbestos can be harmful to your health. Make sure to look for safe alternatives to the substance.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Ovarian cancer is a serious matter, and it is necessary to get a diagnosis during its early stages and seek treatment. There are different factors that contribute to the disease, and talcum powder may be one of them.

If you or a loved one have used talcum powder and have gotten ovarian cancer, then you may be entitled to compensation. We at the Ochs Law Firm have the best personal injury attorney to support your case. Our legal team will do the research and create the best strategy.
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