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Ochs Law Firm in Rawlins, WY has over 15 years experience as a litigator with specific expertise in the field of personal injury compensation claims. This in itself is a specialist aspect of the law, but our extensive experience means we are perfectly placed to help you no matter what the circumstances may be.

We have created a nationwide reputation for helping our clients to receive the compensation that they deserve when injured in a way that was not their fault. We constantly strive to deliver to you the outcome that you are looking for no matter how complex the case may initially appear to be. It is our aim to stand in your corner for each and every part of your case no matter how long the process may be.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Rawlins, WY

As your personal injury lawyer in Rawlins, you can take full advantage of our experience in dealing with cases that do not just involve a car accident. Most people make the mistake of believing that this kind of case merely involves a car, but any form of transportation is covered by the same legislation. If you were injured and not to blame, then the law is on your side.

Furthermore, personal injury laws also deal with any other situation where you have been injured as the result of the negligence of another individual or company. This includes falling or tripping when there were no warning signs, or even being injured at your place of employment. The location or reasons are not important to us as we are on your side to get the compensation you deserve.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Rawlins, WY

Medical malpractice litigation is certainly a specialist field, but it is an area that we here at Ochs Law Firm specialize in. These laws cover an array of potential issues, but we can help you when it comes to claiming compensation no matter what they problem may be.

Thousands of individuals each year are injured as the result of either medical malpractice or malfunctioning equipment. This may range from a small procedure where an error was made up to larger medical procedures where the consequences could potentially be horrific. No matter the reason, if you have been mistreated by the medical profession, then we are here to help.

Product Recall Lawyer in Rawlins, WY

Whenever a product comes to market, you have a right to expect that product to come up to a certain standard. Sadly, this is not always the case with a range of malfunctioning products, or items with a whole host of issues, still able to hit the shelves. If you are injured or become ill as a direct result of encountering any of these products, then Ochs Law Firm can help.

In addition, we can also help when a company has been held liable for faulty products with you having spent your own hard-earned cash. Once again, the law is on your side in this instance but it is essential that you do get the correct legal advice right from the outset.

Dealing with personal injury claims is what we do as a company. We take pride in the reputation that we have established over the years, and we can guarantee that you will be given the correct legal advice from the very beginning. If you find yourself in any of these situations, then give us a call here at Ochs Law Firm and see how we can help you to receive the compensation that you deserve.