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Ochs Law Firm has been operating in the field of personal injury claims for over 15 years. During that time we have created a nationwide reputation for not only fully supporting our clients with their cases, but getting the kind of outcomes that our clients undoubtedly deserve.

A personal injury claim can be made when you have been injured via something that was not your fault. No matter how simple or complex you believe the case to be, we always give 100% when trying to get you the compensation that you are due. You can rest assured that we will be in your corner every step of the way no matter how long or difficult the case may be.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Lander, WY

As your personal injury lawyer in Lander, Ochs Law Firm is the perfect company to get you the compensation that rightfully belongs to you when you were not to blame. This not only includes claims when you have been injured by a car as the legislation covers any kind of transport no matter the type.

Furthermore, people are often unaware that the same laws also cover personal injuries that may have occurred in other environments. For example, if you slip or fall in a public place and there were inadequate warning signs in place or a company has been negligent, then the law is on your side. To that, you can also include your place of employment as any injury received while working where you were not to blame is also covered by this part of the law.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Lander, WY

The field of medical malpractice can be difficult for an individual to follow which is why you do require the services of a specialist attorney who has the experience in dealing with these kinds of cases. Here at Ochs Law Firm, we have that experience and with thousands of individuals being hurt in a medical setting each year, this kind of compensation claim is more common than you may think.

Medical malpractice not only covers incorrect medical advice, but also being injured thanks to faulty medical equipment. Indeed, the law is the same no matter if you were injured due to an issue with a small procedure up to major procedures and all equipment. There is no reason for you to not be compensated should you find yourself in this situation just as thousands of people in the United States do every single year.

Product Recall Lawyer in Lander, WY

Before a product can be made for sale to the public, it should be manufactured to a certain standard. Sadly, that is not always the case with a number of different products still making it to market while there are some issues. Ultimately people are injured or become ill in some way as a result of these products, and if that sounds like you then you have the legal right to claim compensation.

Also, the laws in this area also include companies that have made false claims regarding their product. If this is indeed the case, and you have spent money with the company, then we can help you to not only recover your costs but also receive that all important compensation.

You are not alone if you have received a personal injury that was not your fault as the law is there to help. If you find yourself in this situation and do not know which way to turn, then call us now at Ochs Law Firm and see how we can help.