Current Litigation

The below litigations do not represent a full list of active cases currently being prosecuted by the Ochs Law Firm, but merely represent a selection of litigations that are highlighted due to call volume and inquiry.

Sex Trafficking has reached all-time highs in the United States and demand for underage sex has created a $40 billion a year industry.  We believe that corporations, like hotels, truck stops and others, who allow such evil behavior to occur on their premises demand accountability.  

E-Cigs have been linked to severe obstructive lung disease and seizures in minors.  As the science continues to develop, so will litigation.

The popular gout medication has recently caught the attention of the US FDA whom imposed their strictest safety precaution requiring a black box warning for increased death.  Read more here. 

According to a recently settled whistleblower lawsuit, 3M Company and its predecessor Aearo Technologies, Inc. —which supplied the U.S. military with Combat Arms Earplugs version 2 (CAEv2) between 2003 and 2015—made false statements about the effectiveness of those earplugs, unnecessarily putting millions of veterans in danger of developing hearing loss and tinnitus.  The Ochs Law Firm is proudly representing military men and women across the country who have suffered hearing loss and damage from use of the 3M earplugs.

Opiate Crisis Lawyer

The Ochs Law Firm is providing education, assistance and litigation support to counties and municipalities in the Rocky Mountain Mid-Continent region to combat the explosive and devastating opiate epidemic.  The epidemic is claiming 142 lives a day and was declared a public emergency by President Trump on October 26th.  If your city officials care to have an in-depth review of the litigation and options for recovery of public funds, please reach out today.  See for more in depth information on the opiate crisis.

RoundUp Weedkiller Lawsuits

The Ochs Law Firm is currently representing individuals, spouses, and estates in the Rocky Mountain region who have contracted non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma from frequent use and exposure to Monsato’s weed killer – Roundup.  If you or a loved one has health concerns concerning exposure to RoundUp contact our firm today for a free consultation.

3T Heater Cooler Lawsuit

The manufacturer of the Stockert 3T Heater-Cooler failed to warn hospitals and doctors of the risk of life-threatening infection that can be caused by this device during surgery. These units use temperature-controlled water to control a patient’s body temperature. However, it has been found that some of these systems are using contaminated water that poses serious risk of infection or even death up to years after exposure during surgery.

If you believe that you or someone you know may have suffered an infection as the result of the Stockert 3T, please call Ochs Law Firm right away for a legal consultation.

Keyless Ignition Carbon Monoxide Lawyer

Recent reports have linked carbon monoxide poisoning with keyless ignition systems. Vehicles with “on/off” ignition systems have resulted in fatalities when the vehicles are parked in a garage and the vehicle is not turned off. Consumers are urged to take their vehicle into a local dealer to check if an automatic shutoff is installed in their vehicle.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by a carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of a keyless ignition system, contact Ochs Law Firm right away.

Toxic Burn Pit Exposure Lawyer

Service men and women exposed to toxic burn pits while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan may suffer from ongoing symptoms due to toxic burn pit exposure. Chemicals, plastics, and various garbage was burned in these pits, and thousands have suffered due to the chemicals released into the air. Illnesses include constrictive bronchiolitis, lymphoma, and lung cancer. Many more individual suffer from chronic cough, rashes, difficulty breathing, insomnia, severe headaches, sore throats and throat irritation, and tumors. These issues are a very real result of the chemicals inhaled on a daily basis by members of the armed forces. At the Ochs Law Firm, we firmly believe that our service men and women should be protected, and that anyone injured while defending our country should receive compensation for those injuries. We will fight to get you compensation for the injuries you suffered due to toxic burn pit exposure while abroad. Contact our team today for a free consultation.

Wyoming Construction Defect Lawyers

Building a home is a labor of love, and requires entrusting builders and contractors to supply the finished product of your dreams. But what happens when your home was built with flaws and defects? We can help you file a claim of Breach of Contract against the builder. If the builder failed to use the specified materials, did not meet agreed upon standards, or was negligent during the building process, we will work to get you justice. In some cases, problems occur during construction of retail establishments, office buildings, or other large buildings. These problems, if widespread, can result in significant claims against the builder. At the Ochs Law Firm, we work diligently to hold builders and contractors accountable to the agreed upon standards.

Sygenta Corn Lawsuits

In 2011, Syngenta released a genetically modified corn seed which was approved in the United States but not in China. The corn seed, Agrisure Viptera, was used to produce a small portion of the United States corn crop. In 2013, China detected corn produced by the unapproved seed in shipments they received from the United States. China rejected crops and then banned them outright, which caused the price of United States corn to plummet. Thousands of farmers have filed suit against Syngenta to collect compensation based on crops that were refused. We seek to hold Syngenta responsible for the damages done to United States farmers and ask that any affected farmers contact the Ochs Law Firm right away.

Takata Airbag Lawsuits

If you were one of millions of car owners affected by the Takata airbag recall, and you received injuries due to your airbag, contact the Ochs Law Firm today. The Takata airbags were found to explode with great force, shooting shrapnel at passengers. This metal shrapnel can puncture the body and cause serious injuries or death. These potentially lethal airbags were installed in 33.8 million vehicles, endangering the lives of millions of passengers each day. The New York Times has reported that Takata knew about the dangerous airbag problems as far back as 2004. If proven, this shows that Takata failed to take action even as they knew the devices were endangering, injury, and even killing passengers. If you or a loved one suffered due to a dangerous Takata airbag, contact the Ochs Law Firm for a consultation.

Libery Cycler Dialysis Lawyer

The Ochs Law Firm is accepting cases from individuals harmed by the Fresenius Liberty Cycler. The Liberty Cycler is an in-home dialysis machine. Holes and scratches in the cassettes used by the machine have put users at risk of developing peritonitis. Peritonitis is the infection of the peritoneum, or the lining protecting the abdominal organs. Peritonitis is a serious infection, and some cases are fatal. Symptoms of peritonitis include abdominal pain, fever, nausea and vomiting, and tachycardia. It can lead to hypovolemic shock, peritoneal abscesses, sepsis or a blood infection, and even death. If you or a loved one suffered from peritonitis after using a Liberty Cycler for home dialysis treatment, contact the Ochs Law Firm for representation in your case.

Tygacil Lawsuits

Tygacil is an antibiotic that is prescribed to treat complex bacterial infections like skin infections, abdominal infections, and community-acquired bacterial pneumonia. It is sometimes prescribed to treat other aggressive infections. The FDA has issued a black box warning after Tygacil was found to be linked to an increased risk of death. An increased rate of death was noted across the board, but was found to be especially high when Tygacil was used to treat diabetic foot infections and ventilator-associated pneumonia. Tygacil is also associated with jaundice, skin reactions, anaphylaxis, and pancreatitis. At the Ochs Law Firm, we are reviewing cases in which individuals prescribed Tygacil died from their infections. If a loved one died after receiving treatment with Tygacil, contact us today for a free assessment of your case.

Mirena Lawsuits

The Ochs Law Firm is reviewing potential Mirena lawsuits involving patients who were implanted with the intrauterine contraceptive device Mirena®but had to have the device surgically removed after it migrated and/or perforated the uterine lining. The devices are manufactured by Bayer Healthcare. Mirena is an IUD device that must be inserted by a health care provider and is intended to provide contraceptive protection. Reports of serious adverse side-effects and potentially life-threatening complications following the implantation of the Mirena device, including perforation of or imbedment in the uterus, have occurred.

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

Transvaginal mesh has been used for a number of years to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Many physicians recommended that women undergo transvaginal mesh procedures to fix these problems. The surgery was touted as a simple and effective procedure. Unfortunately, thousands of women have experienced severe side effects from the transvaginal mesh. Women have experienced ongoing severe pain, infections, bleeding, erosion of the mesh through organs or vaginal tissues, the inability to engage in sexual intercourse, scarring and shrinkage, and incontinence. Revision surgeries have been notoriously difficult, and often patients undergo multiple revision surgeries without success. Many women have received compensation from pharmaceutical manufacturers who promoted transvaginal mesh as safe and effective. If you have experienced side effects or undergone revision surgery due to problems with transvaginal mesh, the Ochs Law Firm can help!

Yasmin Birth Control Lawsuits

Yas, Yasmin, and Beyaz are promoted as a new form of birth control pill that not only prevents pregnancy but also treats acne and other problems associated with hormonal imbalances. These pills use a form of estrogen called drospirenone. Drospirenone has been found to be associated with a number of frightening side effects, including blood clots, heart attack, and stroke. In some cases, blood clots can break loose and travel throughout the body, causing pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis. These dangerous side effects have occurred in otherwise healthy women. A number of lawsuits have been filed alleging that manufacturers failed to warn consumers and physicians about the possible dangers of drospirenone. If you or a loved one have suffered blood clots, a heart attack, stroke, deep vein thrombosis, or a pulmonary embolism while taking Yas, Yasmin, or Beyaz, contact the Ochs Law Firm today for a free consultation.

DePuy Hip Lawsuits

DePuy is one of a number of manufacturers of hip replacement devices. Thousands of individuals have been implanted with DePuy and other metal-on-metal hip replacements. In some cases, the constant motion and friction of the device caused metal ions to disburse throughout the tissue surrounding the joint. These ions have resulted in pain and stiffness, fluid collection around the joint, cognitive and neurological damage, a limited range of motion in the joint, or a weakness of the joint. In many cases, revision surgery has been necessary, and some individuals suffer ongoing problems. If a DePuy or other hip joint implant has caused dangerous or painful side effects, contact the compassionate team at the Ochs Law Firm today for help pursuing compensation.

Dialysis Lawyer Wyoming

A number of individuals have suffered sudden cardiac arrest that may be related to their dialysis treatment. The FDA has issued a recall of Granuflo and Naturalyte dialysis concentrate after it was found to have large amounts of a chemical that converts to bicarbonate. Bicarbonate can cause heart problems. Fresenius warned their physicians about this problem but failed to warn outside doctors, who continued to use the Granuflo and Naturalyte as before. Action was not taken until a memo was linked to the FDA. As a result, a number of individuals suffered a heart attack or pulmonary arrest and, in some cases, death. If a loved one suffered a heart attack or died while receiving Granuflo or Naturalyte dialysis treatments, contact the Ochs Law Firm today. Our dedicated attorneys will fight aggressively to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Depakote Lawsuits

Depakote, a medication prescribed for epilepsy and seizures, has been found to cause birth defects when taken by pregnant women. In addition to epilepsy, Depakote was also prescribed for mood disorders, neuropathy, migraine headaches, and chronic pain. Birth defects noted include spina bifida, neural tube defects, skeletal defects, growth retardation, cleft palate, heart and hand malformations, and pulmonary stenosis. If you took the drug Depakote during pregnancy and your child has suffered from a birth defect, contact the Ochs Law Firm today. In addition to the birth defects noted above, the drug may also be associated with an increased risk of autism or an intellectual disability.

Talcum Powder Lawyer

A jury recently awarded $72 million to the family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer. The plaintiffs alleged that the woman developed cancer after 30 years of talcum powder use as apart of her feminine hygiene routine. Johnson & Johnson may have known of the dangers of talcum powder and the association between talc and the development of ovarian tumors and cancer for decades. The manufacturer continued to advertise both their baby powder and Shower to Shower products with no warnings and seemed to promote the use to prevent odors and chafing. Still, the product remains available with no warnings of the potential dangers. Scientists have, in fact, found talc particles within cancerous ovarian tumors. If you or a loved one have developed ovarian cancer and believe it may be related to the use of talcum powder as part of your feminine hygiene routine, contact the Ochs Law Firm today.

Roundup Exposure Lawyer

The World Health Organization has deemed Roundup a “possible human carcinogen,” and multiple findings have linked it to the development of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Some countries have banned the use of Roundup, however it is still widely used in the United States. Roundup works by targeting and killing certain enzymes. The manufacturer states that it only affects plant enzymes and cannot harm humans, but numerous studies seem to indicate otherwise. Farmers and those living near large farming areas may be especially susceptible to the dangers of Roundup. If you believe that you or a loved on have developed cancer due to Roundup exposure, contact the Ochs Law Firm. We can work with experts to determine if your case may be related to Roundup exposure and, if so, we will fight aggressively to help you receive compensation.

Hotel Security Negligence Lawyer

The recent verdict against a hotel chain in the Erin Andrews video scandal has set the bar for responsibility of hotels to maintain the privacy and safety of their guests. Guests should be able to expect a certain level of anonymity, privacy, and security while staying at a hotel. If you stayed at a hotel and your privacy was violated or you were the victim of a crime, the hotel may be held negligent. At the Ochs Law Firm, we will work to determine if the hotel may be held responsible in your case. Contact us today for a free consultation.

On July 18, 2017 Weyerhaeuser issued a press release that thousands of joists utlized to stablize new homes were discovered to have been coated with formaldehyde.  Since the announcement Weyerhaeuser has tried to “fix” the problem by coating the joists, with no guarantees that such an effort will protect against the well-known health problems associated with formaldehyde exposure.
The Ochs Law Firm is representing home owners across the country against Weyerhaeuser demanding that the only “fix” is complete removal and replacement with clean and proper joists.  Additionally, home owners and families who are experiencing health side effects due to their exposure are also being represented by the Ochs Law Firm.

Substantial criticism has been levied against Ford for what is alleged to be insufficient strength in certain makes and modes of their Super Duty pickup truck roof tops making them vulnerable to crush in any roll over.  The Ochs Law Firm is representing individuals who have been catastrophically injured in a roll over where the roofs of these vehicles have been crushed.

The Tristar Pressure Cooker has come under strict scrutiny due the risk of pressure buildup that can cause the top to explode off and the contents to burn the user.  The Ochs Law firm is representing individuals who have been horribly burned due to these dangerous devices.