Consumer Fraud

Consumer fraud refers to false advertising, bait and switch practices, and other misleading practices that can occur when businesses behave in a fraudulent manner. In some cases, consumer fraud can be remedied simply by reaching out to the company involved. In other cases, however, the business knowingly engages in deceptive practices on a regular basis. At the Ochs Law Firm, we recognize that often contact from an attorney can cause the business to adhere to moral and conventional standards and make right with the customer. When this does not happen, we work on behalf of our clients to hold the business legally accountable.

In Wyoming, the Wyoming Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit seeks to protect individuals who have been harmed through fraudulent practices. A claims process exists for citizens to register a claim which will then be handled by the Unit. If you have not received satisfaction or believe your case warrants help from an attorney, the Ochs Law Firm is happy to help.